ergo S


  • Display of System status;
  • Display of operating parameters: date / time, GSM network active level GSM, etc.;
  • System Commands: complete or partial arming, reset, activation of output terminals, telephone calls, etc.;
  • Full Programming of System Parameters / Central;
  • Programming local parameters: audio volume, backlight level and LCD contrast;
  • keyboard functionality Exclusion for front cleaning purposes;
  • Remote Listening;
  • Voice messages recording;
  • RFID/NFC Tag reading to arm, and disarm and manage lares devices;
  • High Precision temperature sensor.


Isn’t this the Keypad we were all waiting for?
Finally, a clear and simple Keypad, beautiful and useful also as programming tool, it incorporates a proxy reader with NFC Technology, with no mechanical parts, versatile, modern, thin (less than 13 mm), it can be placed in every interior design.

An extremely versatile Keypad, suitable for any type of architecture, with a clean, simple and minimalist style.
The Keypad, characterized by a larger graphic display and easy to read, boasts a type of advanced use, thanks to CapSense Technology which does not provide any mechanical key, preferring a delicate tactile sensitivity.
The ergo S is synonymous with innovation, beauty and attention to detail, without neglecting the strong functional component: it allows you to view the System status, the operating parameters, control the whole System, and much more.
Moreover, it also allows to program the GSM communicator with extreme rapidity and simplicity.
The Keypad is available in two colors, white or black, with a glossy and modern finish.



  • Wide Dot matrix LCD display: viewing area 79 x 19 mm;
  • Keys in Capsense Technology: no mechanical press-buttons;
  • Circular Scroll: fast access to the menu;
  • Available in The Ksenia colors black and white;
  • Proximity reader RFID / NFC;
  • Integrated Microphone and Speaker;
  • Remote listening function;
  • Accurate Temperature sensor;
  • Adjusting backlight and contrast;
  • Fast Addressing System: no need to pre-set the device address (automatic recognition from the control panel / GSM communicator);
  • Master programming for gemino and duo universal.


  • KSI2100020.301 - ergo S white
  • KSI2100020.302 - ergo S black

Europa - CE, RoHS
EN50131 grado 3 - classe II
SSF 1014 Larmklass 3

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