ergo M


  • Display of System status
  • Display of operating parameters: date / time, GSM network active level GSM, etc.)
  • RFID Tag reading to arm and disarm the intrusion detection systems set up with the lares 4.0 devices.
  • System Commands: complete or partial arming, reset, activation of output terminals, telephone calls, etc.
  • Full Programming of System Parameters / Panel
  • Programming local parameters: audio volume, backlight level and LCD contrast
  • Voice messages recording


The ergo M keypad has the same simple and minimalist design and an extremely slim profile as the ergo S, and unlike the latter, it provides a mechanical press-buttons (laser-routed)
The ergo M integrates the RFID Tag reader to arm and disarm the intrusion systems or, more generally, to arm scenarios, activated with the lares 4.0 series devices. The use of a new plastic material allows a better tactile perception and increases its robustness.


La tastiera ergo M possiede lo stesso design sobrio, pulito e dal profilo estremamente sottile della ergo S, a differenza di quest’ultima essa risponde alle esigenze di una tastiera meccanica (scontornata laser).
La tastiera ergo M Integra il lettore di Tag RFID per l’inserimento e disinserimento dei sistemi antintrusione, o più in generale l’attivazione di scenari, realizzati con i dispositivi della serie lares 4.0. L’utilizzo di un rinnovato materiale plastico consente una migliore percezione tattile e ne aumenta la robustezza.


The ergo M Keypad has been conceived not only to be linked to a Ksenia Intrusion Control Panel, but even to the Universal GSM/GPRS Communicator gemino, since, differently to other similar devices, it works also as “programming unit”, making the installer’s life much easier by avoiding the need of having a PC with for the Communicator programming.
ergo M is laser-routed and mounts high quality switches to improve reliability.
We designed a custom display for having a large display area, and adjustable contrast and backlight. This display can show all character sets, including the Greek and Cyrillic, because of dot matrix technology.
The total thickness of the devices is of only 14.5 mm. ergo M are both available in White and Black.


why ergo M

  • because is a very advanced LCD Keypad carefully developed with the objective to capture a modern, minimalist and discreet style as well as an extremely slim profile (less than ½ inch.), which allows it to be positioned in any interior architecture thus expressing a new feeling of design, prestige and innovation;
  • because with no need of additional parts, it can be “flushmounted” taking advantage to any std. box DIN 503, or just as it is on any wall (with no need of additional parts);
  • because it can be used also to program the gemino GSM/GPRS Communicator and to record “personalized” messages to be associated to any alarm event;
  • because it uses cutting edge Technologies components, such as a digital mems (accelerometer) microphone.


  • Display LCD dot matrix (visible area 79×19 mm);
  • Mechanical press-buttons (laser-routed);
  • RFID proximity Reader (20mm max TAGs capture area);
  • Available in The Ksenia colors black, white;
  • Integrated Speaker;
  • Adjust backlight and contrast;
  • Fast Addressing System: no need to pre-set the device address (automatic recognition from the Control Panel/GSM Communicator);
  • Master to programming for gemino and universal duo;


  • KSI2100021.311 - ergo M white
  • KSI2100021.312 - ergo M black

EuropE - CE, RoHS
EN50131 gradE 3 - class II

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