"energia" Energy Management System

Enhancing the market awareness about the benefits of sustainable energy, it is the stated goal of current government regulations.
energia module produced by Ksenia Security for energy sector, fully meets this project in terms of electric load management, including renewable sources, and control and balancing of power consumptions.
Each energia module provides two distinct power lines on which measuring both voltage and current, each line can support loads up to 6kW.
The values of the voltage of the two lines expressed in Volts and the current measured on each line L1 and L2 expressed in Ampere, measured in one tenths of Ampere, are displayed in real time.
The maximum configuration number of the energia module depends on the lares 4.0 control panel models:


  lares 4.0 wls 96 1
  lares 4.0 16 -
  lares 4.0 40 1
  lares 4.0 40 wls 3
  lares 4.0 140 wls 6
  lares 4.0 644 wls 6

energia module must be linked to the lares 4.0 control panel via the KS-BUS. It becomes the ideal complement when lares 4.0 is used in the home & building automation field.




Analysis of the power consumption trend and Energy Efficiency

The configuration of entities called “meters” are mandatory to make the application logic work properly. In real time, they measure the power absorbed or produced, for example in the presence of a photovoltaic system, by L1 and L2 lines of energia modules present in the system.

The configuration of the “meters” is preparatory to obtain useful charts for the analysis of power consumption. For example, in the presence of a photovoltaic system, if there are two energia modules in the lares 4.0 platform, we can configure three “meters”: one for measuring the absorbed power (i.e. Consumption), one for the produced power (i.e. Photovoltaic production) and one for displaying both powers (i.e. Energy balance), obtaining the following bar charts.

The charts show the historical consumptions, allow the analysis of the power consumption trend, with the aim of identifying potential waste and optimize energy consumption.
The collected data are processed, encoded, and displayed in bar charts for an immediate understanding of the consumption trend, comparing the power produced and the power absorbed.
All this allows to identify the appropriate interventions to avoid inefficiencies and contribute to achieve Energy Efficiency.
The value of the power in real time, positive or negative, is displayed for each meter (power absorbed is blue, power produced is green).

The “meters” can be associated to partitions and rooms and displayed in the lares 4.0 user App, also the charts can be displayed in the App.



Power Consumption Management

In the context of Load Management, the “meter” carries out the controlled disconnection of loads to avoid blackouts when the electric system is getting overloaded.
Each “meter” provides two thresholds:

  1. Maximum power consumption threshold expressed in Watts, beyond this value an alert is generated (ergo-T and ergo-T plus keypads also offer sound and push notifications)
  2. Maximum power disconnection threshold (greater than the previous one), beyond this value the loads disconnection starts.

The outputs personalized as “Manageable load” in the lares 4.0 control panel can be disconnected. According to the control panel model, the maximum number of outputs configurable are:

  • lares 4.0 644 wls and lares 4.0 140 wls no. 8;
  • All the other models no. 4.

The configured outputs (washing machine, dishwasher, oven, etc.) are visible in real-time as connected/disconnected household appliances, on the Smart Home page of the lares 4.0 App, in the “Household appliances” category and on Maps.





why energia

  • Because it has the requirements to respond to requests for energy efficiency enhancement;
  • Because it can measure and manage the power consumption on each of its two lines, each line can support loads up to 6kW;
  • Because it can control the power consumption trend through displaying bar charts for an immediate analysis;
  • Because it can program the disconnection of loads after exceeding two thresholds (the first sends push and sound notifications, the second starts disconnection);
  • Because it can control the status of household appliances in real time (connected/disconnected) from lares 4.0 App and Maps;
  • Because it is provided with 4 free configurable outputs relays;
  • Because it can be linked to the control panel via the KS-BUS, quickly and easily.






  • Maximum power: 2x6kW
  • 4 relays outputs: 250 V - 1 A
  • KS-BUS Interface
  • Dimensions: 90×53x62 mm (hxlxp)


  • 1 energia module
  • 1 Installation guide


  • KSI2700001.300 - energia module

Europe - CE


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