Dynamic DNS

The dyndns is a tool to update in real time a URL, making it always point to the IP address of your system. In this way, the IP address can even change, but the URL address remains the same over time, allowing the connection to the line with dynamic IP address. is a free service without paying options that can exploit this mechanism to your dynamic IP, associating a fixed URL. Inserting a device Ksenia configured to use the DDNS service, in your network, you can indirectly also access other resources, such as cameras, NVR, etc ...

Simple to use

Simplified configuration for all devices Ksenia, using the software basis in three steps: register on the portal (only the first time), recording a personal URL, URL configuration of basis.


All recordings are used to manage countless clients / devices from your account, and you can also monitor all of their interactions with the server devices ksenia ddns in the log. Finally you can make advanced searches using various types of filtering information.


The service is provided by a very detailed online help for both the registration process that the operation of the various devices.

Robust - Reactive

A service-based cluster of redundant servers provided directly by Telecom Italy, unlimited resources to provide an efficient, responsive h24 Service., as all Ksenia solutions, simple unique


All the service is completely free for all customers Ksenia; no deadline in terms of time or computational resources.


All users can access the e-mail support to resolve configuration issues or referring directly support ksenia.


A free service to Ksenia Selected Installers.


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