duo wireless

duo wireless

Transceiver duo

duo is available in both UNIVERSAL and BUS version. Each duo BUS version enables to expand any Control Panel of the lares series by giving the opportunity to link up to 64 wireless Devices for a total of max. 128 wireless zones and up to 20 remote controls. On the same BUS it is possible to link up to 2 transceivers for both expanding the wireless signal coverage and for acting contemporary as a back-up of the other.

duo can also work as a Signal Repeater just by powering it with 12 Vdc with no need to link it to the BUS. This most advanced concept has been developed by Ksenia and called “MULTI-RECEIVERS”, which means that both in the UNIVERSAL and in the BUS version, duo can be configured as a Repeater allowing to expand (doubling) the wireless range. This gives great flexibility and freedom to the installers in order to guarantee the best possible signal coverage regardless from the building lay-out and lay-up. In the utilization of the duo as a Repeater, it is also foreseen the possibility to connect to the device itself an additional rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery (same Battery used in the radius indoor siren for the Emergency Light Function) to enable the Repeater to continue working even in case of a prolonged black-out of the main power. Each installed System can be configured with a total of 2 Repeaters on top of 2 BUS Transceivers (Full Configuration).

In the case of a Multiple Transceiver Installation, the system determines dynamically and automatically the preferred path available so as to optimize the communication.

This finally means that neither configurations, nor manual tests are necessary to individuate the best communication path to be followed between the different wireless devices and the Transceivers duo, either Universal or BUS.

The most advanced Wireless Technology adopted by this device is fully Bi-Directional (each Peripheral works therefore as a Transceiver enabling each transmission to receive an acknowledgment back, allowing a significant battery saving and assuring a superior reliability versus the classic mono-directional systems) and utilizes the frequency band at 868 MHz (FSK Technology).

A sophisticated proprietary control of the Transmission Power (DPMS – Dynamic Power Management System) allows to reduce interferences, maximize the battery duration according to the distance among the different devices and the type of installation. The maximum Protection of the entire system is guaranteed by means of a proprietary encryption of each Communication Packet.

All wireless devices have a unique serial number which is being automatically acquired by the system during the installation phase; both the basis programming software and the ergo Keypad indicate in real time the signal level of each device and communication path in case that more BUS Transceivers or Repeaters are present in the same architecture.

Why duo?

  • because it integrates the most advanced Wireless technology, 868 MHz, fully bidirectional, professional and affordable
  • because it integrates DPMS technology (Dynamic Power Management System) which allows less interferences and long lasting for the batteries
  • because it can work as a Transceiver (linked on the BUS) or in Repeater mode (simply being power supplied extends the coverage)
  • because it implements the MULTI-RECEIVER technology, that is uo to 2 devices can be connected on the BUS and up to 2 Repeater can be configures on the system
  • because all devices linked can choose the best radio path in case of a MULTI-RECEIVER system
  • because the Repeater must just be connected to the +12V mains but has the possibility to integrate a ion-lithium battery which ensures up to 12 hours continuity in case of main power loss
  • because it exists in the Universal Verison too; so all Ksenia Wireless devices can be integrated in third party control panels or systems


Technical Data

  • Power: 13,8Vdc
  • Consumption: max. 50mA
  • Operative Frequency: 868 MHz Band
  • Range in open air : up to 400 m
  • Max. WLS Device Nr.: 64 Devices
  • Wireless Zones: max. 128
  • Operative Temperature: from +5°C to +40 °C (from +41°F to +104°F)
  • Dimensions: 140 x 100 x 28 mm 


  • Europa - RoHS, CE
  • EN50131 grado 2 - classe II
  • T031:2014


Parts Included

  • KSI2600000.310 – BUS version
  • KSI2600001.310 - Universal version
  • Slim case with screws
  • Quick Installation Guide in EN/IT


  • KSI7207008.000 - Lithium-Ion Battery 7,4 Vdc - 850 mAh
  • KSI7302000.010 - Plastic box “slim” version


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