domus in-wall Module

domus is a built-in module which, like the RFID reader for volo-in access control, uses the Keystone opening (of identical size on any series of switch plates) to insert a new device that allows, for each room, to have in a single device a motion detector, a temperature sensor, relative humidity and light intensity.
Ideal for home automation, in combination with auxi-L module, it allows to switch lights on and off depending on the internal brightness, whenever someone is in the room.
It also has a temperature and humidity sensor, produced by Sensirion (world leader in the production of these devices) and able to drive and manage at best its own air conditioning and dehumidification system, in order to obtain the real degree of comfort desired.
It becomes indispensable for office environments and for the correct humidification required in museums for the best conservation of art works.
domus is the ideal device for temperature control in the residential area and not only: it can be easily installed in any environment.
Thanks to the chronothermostat available on lares 4.0 control panel, it is possible to adjust the temperature comfortably and anywhere, adapting the level of comfort to the use of the environment with significant energy savings.
Thanks to the flexibility of lares 4.0 control panel it can control both heating and conditioning devices.
domus connects to lares 4.0 control panels via KS-BUS 4-wire serial BUS and is programmed directly from the control panel.


why domus?

  • because in a single device there are 4 detectors, and this allows its use in the most various applications;
  • because thanks to its dimensions it occupies only one module of box 503;
  • because, thanks to its design, it fits into a keystone adapter, it is therefore compatible with any civil series;
  • because it has one of the best temperature and humidity sensors on the market, its positioning on the front of the device with a minimum opening also allows an accurate measurement of the real parameters of the environment;
  • because it connects quickly with the 4-wire BUS, and it is completely manageable by lares 4.0 control panel.


  • Power Supply: 13,8 Vdc
  • Consumption: 10 mA max
  • Mounting Height: 1,2m
  • Temperature sensor: (±0,2 °C)
  • Humidity Sensor (±2% RH)
  • PIR detector, 6 meters capacity, 5 rays, opening: 45°
  • Light sensor
  • Compatible with opera Keystone
  • KS-BUS interface


  • KSI2700000.300 - domus


  • 1 domus Multi-function sensor
  • 1 Quick Installation Guide ITA/EN

Europe - CE

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