Since the '"analog" has left room to "digital", in every commercial context and in general in our lives, the question is to underline the advantages that IP integration can offer to the market.


Which are the advantages of IP?

First of all the communication is bidirectional: CCTV an be driven directly by the Central Monitoring Station, so the control panels can be controlled and monitored, faults can be quickly identified and cured.

The installation is very simple: let you think that no specific circuit, compared to the analog, is needed for each system.

Communication Protocols are standard.
No need for specific receivers: just servers.

Another important aspect is that the communication network does exist: it is called Internet.
No need for costly communication channels installations (CDN, fibers, ...). Infrastructures are there: let you use them !


Which are the supported protocols ?
lares control panel can send events through Contact ID over IP and SIA-DC09, both on Ehternet interface than GPRS link, which is available on the gemino BUS communicator.


Frost & Sullivan: the IP migration for false alarms reduction

London (UK). In the opinion of Frost & Sullivan the migration from the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN o RTG) to the Internet Protocol (IP) in Security environment will influence the capabilities of Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS).
This migration, in fact, will allow the Video integration and Verification and will force the telecomunication services providers to integrate the IDS in their services. In this way, not only false alarms can be reducted, but another distribution channel will be created.

A new study about Intrusion Detection Systems made by Frost & Sullivan on the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region, revealed that the market has registered revenews for 1,25 M€ in 2010 and estimates that they will reach 1,34 M€ before the 2017. Mainly the gains were be determined by real-estate infrastructure segments.

"The personnel answering to the IDS incoming calls" – Krzysztof Rutkowski, Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst stated - " are starting to ignore the requests for an increasing number of false alarms. The market players are becoming aware of this technological gap in their systems and are customizing their product line to overcome this problem.”


The solution is KSENIA lares:

in fact lares, IP-based Security and Domotic Platform, in addition to Verification of Audio directly on the communication bus is the only one already capable of offering the long awaited Video Verification by directly connecting the control panel via IP without any need for auxiliary cards and modules. This allows you to integrate any camera that supports the ONVIF protocol without any constraint on the type and number of configured cameras.

Collegamento alla Vigilanza

Final User Interface

Interfaccia Utente Finale

Smart Phones, Tablets, PC (all OS)


Central Monitoring Stations

Centrali di televigilanza



Professional Installers


PC (all OS with basis SW)



For central monitoring stations the advantages to use ksenia architecture are obvious: guaranteed reduction of false alarms and reduced operating costs of installation, management and maintenance.



  • Web Server (and vocal guided menù) for complete remote managing
  • Video Integration & Video-Verification
  • e-mail, vocal messages, SMS
  • Audio-Verification of alarms



  • Remote Configuration (basis SW)
  • Alarms/events reception via IP/GPRS
  • Video Verification
  • Tele-assistance
  • SW & FW upgrades from remote

ENAI, company leader in professional SW for alarm receiving, has developed a system compliant to lares IP-integrated Platform
of Ksenia Security.


Enai e Ksenia


ENAI translates signals into information allowing for taking adequate action. That prevents damage and guarantees convenience.
ENAI provides simplicity in safety and comfort. We develop and implement software for Alarm Receiving Centers.


Enia RX-8000

Azur Soft is a software development company specialized in software engineering, real-time, network, database and user interface fields. Azur Soft develops Alarm Monitoring Software since 1986.

Azur Soft

Patriot Systems develops, markets and supports state of the art Security Alarm Monitoring software.  Patriot is the most advanced Central Station Software package available. 

Patriot uses the latest software technologies to deliver alarm automation software that offers power, flexibility, reliability and ease of use.  Patriot's development team responds rapidly to market requirements, providing an alarm monitoring package with a stable but constantly evolving feature set.

Patriot System  e Ksenia Security

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