auxi-H Input Expansion Module

auxi-H  is a Module designed for the complete management of Windows/Doors equipped with powered Shutters. It provides 3 Zones for linking the necessary Protections of the Window (Magnetic Contact, Shutter Sensor, Inertial Sensor of Perimetral Barriers) and 2 inputs for managing the local activation buttons for the Shutter Automation. 

Additionally it provides 2 relays interlocked outputs (8A-250V) for controlling the Shutter motors. From the Scenarios programmed on lares 4.0, it will be possible to open or close entirely the Window Shutters from your APP. With local Buttons it is possible to manage it in the normal way, but also to manage the complete Opening or Closing with a Double-Click. 

As all the other Expansion Modules of Ksenia Security, it’s having very compact dimensions (only 70x45mm) enabling space savings, it can be installed either inside the DIN-503 Boxes and on DIN guide reducing dramatically the installation time.

auxi-H is to be connected to the Panel lares 4.0 by means of the 4 wires Serial KS-BUS. 

why auxi-H?

  • because it is possible to completely control with a single device a gate equipped with motorized roller shutters: it checks the engines, allows to move the shutters even when the system is switched on without deactivating the same, moreover one of the inputs can be configured to block the movement of the shutter (for example to connect a photocell)
  • because it allows to manage not only the rolling shutters when opening and closing, but also to set them in intermediate position
  • because it allows to know the opening status of the shutters remotely
  • because it is flexible and fits with a simple jumper to the management of shutters or lights
  • because the local buttons continue to work even in case of failure of the control panel









  • Up to 2 inter-blocked relays output 250V-8A
  • Up to 3 alarm input
  • 2 input for local buttons
  • Up to 6 different positions for the roller shutter
  • Compact size: 45x75x16 mm
  • Plastic box for installation on DIN guide
  • Fast Addressing System on KS-BUS


  • 1 auxi-H expansion module (PCBA)
  • 4 sustainers for metal or plastic cabinet’s
  • 1 Installation Manual


  • KSI2300005.300 - PCBA auxi-H


  • KSI7300000.001 - Plastic box for DIN rail

Europe - CE

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