auxi 10in


auxi 10in Input Expansion Module

auxi 10in is an input expansion module for lares control panel, and gemino communicator series.
It was born to offer a solution to increase the number of inputs, in particular on medium/large systems; the result is the dramatically reduction of the number of devices to be connected on the bus and of the space occupied.
This also means the reduction of the time and thus the installation costs and also increasing reliability. The dimensions are extraordinarily compact, the same of traditional auxi device. It is equipped with trolley terminal blocks of the same size of traditional auxi.
It acts like two 5 terminals auxi; so it can be used on existing systems. A simple firmware update of lares makes it compatible.

The programming of the terminal functions is implemented during the programming of gemino or lares. auxi 10in has to be linked to the gemino or lares via the KS-BUS. Its 10 terminals can be configured as
programmable inputs with End-of-line resistors. auxi 10in can be programmed directly from the lares Control Panel

why auxi 10in?

  • because with only one expansion module you can extend the number of input terminals available on your system
  • because it is automatically configurable by means of its serial number: no need to adjust dip-switches on board
  • because it is very small and therefore can be installed inside the wall within a standard DIN503 box
  • because each terminal can be programmed as inputs with different EOL resistors
  • because all the terminals can be programmed to directly manage the shutter and inertial sensors, without need for any external analysis card
  • because It can be housed in a suitable plastic box for fixing on DIN rail


  • Voltage: 13,8 Vdc
  • Consumption: 20 mA (excluding terminal +P1 e +P2)
  • Analog input: 1 @ 0 – 10V
  • Up to 10 alarm inputs (programmable EOL)
  • Power terminal: 2 @ 0,5A (protected by a self-restorable thermal fuse)
  • PCBA dimension:: 45×75×16mm (l×h×p)


  • KSI2300003.300 - auxi 10in PCBA


  • KSI7300000.001 - Plastic box for DIN rail


  • 1 auxi 10in expansion module (PCBA)
  • 4 sustainers for metal cabinet’s mounting
  • 1 Installation Manual

Europe - CE
EN50131 Grade 3 - Class II

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