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Why it is so important to certify Security devices

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To stand out on the market it takes more than expressing in words the high quality and great performance of its products, especially when it comes to security systems.

It is necessary to move on to the facts, and the best way to transmit reliability is to contact an external authorized and qualified body, which assesses our technology in a completely impartial way and according to specific rules.

Unlike the declarations of conformity that are mandatory by law, such as the CE marking in Europe, product certifications are the result of the voluntary choice of a company: in this way, it will have all the assets to differentiate itself from the competition and create an image of reliability towards its customers. Installers and industry experts will also be more likely to choose their solutions from all the security systems on the market today.

Ksenia Security have always taken the issue of certifications very seriously. All our products have been developed with a view to “Design for Certification” and have passed extensive tests in accredited laboratories to ensure compliance with all relevant standards.

 Within a few years, we have successfully obtained important certifications, which we will deepen later, relating to the whole family of lares 4.0 control panels and its connected peripherals, both wired and wireless.


How do I get a certification?

Behind a certification mark there is a huge amount of work to do: a simple stamp hides a long and demanding process, aimed at certifying the conformity of products with the standards and regulations of the reference market.

Firstly, it is important to rely on an accredited, qualified technical partner who works closely with the manufacturing company in order to carefully check the quality of the products to be certified.

The selected entity submits the devices to specific tests to verify that they have been developed following the standards dictated by the reference regulations.

It will be carried out checks of functionality, weather resistance, tampering attempts and much more.

The laboratories in which the tests are carried out must be part of an international network of laboratories authorized to issue the certificate and must themselves be certified and verified by third parties to ensure that they carefully comply with all the strict testing procedures. In this way, the certification body will be competent, highly reliable and impartial.

 Once the checks are carried out, the results are examined and, if all the processes have been carried out correctly, the company will obtain the certificate.

In addition to certification, the body shall assign a degree of reliability to the tested device, indicating its ability to withstand tampering. The higher the degree obtained, the greater will be its ability to ensure high levels of protection.

After the issue of the certificate, the competent body is authorized to carry out unannounced inspections during which all the standards are checked, and products are taken from stock in order to check its compliance again. This pushes companies to strictly follow all standards to avoid losing certification.


The certifications of Ksenia Security

Ksenia was the first Italian company to obtain on the lares control panel the EN 50131 certification at Grade 3 in 2012 with the IMQ, thus being the only one able to guarantee high levels of protection thanks to the great functionality of its control panel.

This label, which certifies the conformity of the products to the requirements of the European standards EN 50131, was obtained in 2018 for all the lares 4.0 control panels, confirming again the great performance of our system.

We have relied on IMQ, as it is one of the most important Italian certification bodies for the assessment of product conformity: thanks to its wide experience in the sector and full compliance with procedures, is able to guarantee high quality and excellence services.

In the same year we were able to obtain the INCERT certification according to T031:2014: it is a highly reliable quality standard for anti-intrusion products, and it is very important in the European Union countries, in particular in Belgium where, without this recognition, it is not possible to sell Security devices. Within their website you can consult all the wide range of Ksenia solutions that has obtained such certification.

In 2019, we proudly achieved the SBSC certification, leading Scandinavian certification body for fire safety. This marking certifies our system in compliance with SFF 1014, receiving respectively Grade 3 for the wired lares 4.0 and Grade R for the wireless ones.

For us, certifications are more than just labels for our products. Obtaining them means we have developed a professional and highly reliable technology that drives people to rely on us to protect not only their properties, but also their lives.

We have a great responsibility, but thanks to the recognition that our system has obtained over the years, and that we will continue to renew with great commitment, we can say without any doubt that Ksenia is a true guarantee of Quality and Safety.


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