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Towards a more sustainable world: Ksenia Security embraces the “Global Goals”

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Towards a more sustainable world: Ksenia Security embraces the “Global Goals”


Pollution, anomalous climate change, environmental disasters, poverty, and social inequalities are just some of the issues that jeopardize our planet every single day. Statistics clearly show that, in the coming decades, the situation will worsen, endangering our ecosystem as well as the well-being of the future generations.

Global challenges require important initiatives, and it is precisely from this need that, in 2015, the United Nations drew up an action plan based on 17 objectives, commonly known as “Global Goals”. These well- defined objectives relate to serious problems affecting all countries in the world such as poverty, environment, climate, and inequalities. The primary purpose is to involve everyone, from citizens to small and big companies, to reshape a new society based on a greater environmental, social, and economic responsibility. It would be a remarkable collective evolution, which would improve our lives and the next ones, to avoid irreversibly damaging our planet.

The UN’s forward-looking plan has aroused the interest of many enterprises all over the world: they have embarked on a long path to change their business model towards a more sustainable one, oriented towards three fundamental values for global well-being: economic growth, social inclusion, and respect for the environment. Moreover, they have begun to consider the sustainable development as a strategic asset rather than a cost, exploiting the benefits of sustainable practices such as making production activities and business processes more efficient and systematic.


Sustainability: the core value of Ksenia Security

Ksenia Security is undoubtedly a pioneering company: always focused on sustainability, it firmly believes on Global Goals as winning values to redefine a more equitable and environmentally friendly society. Sustainability is integrated into our philosophy and into every single business practice, from internal processes to external relations with customers and suppliers. By constantly investing in innovative projects, Ksenia combines innovation and eco-green habits, to develop highly technological and scalable solutions, without compromising the natural heritage. The whole Ksenia system is based on a totally inclusive and transparent approach: an environment that leaves no room for social inequalities but only for talent, commitment, and proactivity.

A successful business strategy relies on strong and innovative values: we have decided to introduce a new Ksenia Security section, by publishing a series of articles aimed at investigating the strong connection between our philosophy and some of the key Objectives of the United Nations. More specifically, we will analyze the following principles, how Ksenia was founded on the same values and how we work every day to respect them:

– Climate action

– Affordable and clean energy

– Sustainable cities and communities

– Industry, innovation, and infrastructures

– Responsible consumption and production

– Reduced inequalities

– Gender inequalities


With the following publications, we will aim to convey our business culture and the importance of sustainability for the well-being of each of us: it is unconceivable to grow economies if we live in a world based on social inequalities, in which the nature and the environment are damaged, polluted or destroyed.

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