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Remote heating control: with lares 4.0 you can adjust the temperature remotely

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Switch on the heating remotely it is one of the many conveniences that have been introduced thanks to the spread of Home Automation Systems. That of the remote home temperature control is, without a doubt, an aspect that significantly improves home comfort, both in summer with air conditioning and in winter thanks to remote heating control.

So let’s see how to take advantage of this function thanks to the integration of its heating with the central unit and the lares 4.0 application.

Remote heating control: what you need to have it

Let’s start from a fundamental concept to understand how to control our home heating. To carry out the remote control, we must rely on devices capable of communicating with the applications for the management of home automation, as is the case with the App lares 4.0.

Through the Ksenia Security lares 4.0 App you have access to the management of the chronothermostat, setting temperatures and humidity according to your needs. This is possible thanks to the installation of the domus sensor, which can be positioned in any environment.

To manage the chronothermostat, simply access the Smart Home section within the lares 4.0 App.

There are different modes: manual, timed manual, weekly, special 1, special 2 and off. Furthermore, you can choose between the “summer” or “winter” mode, with the possibility of customizing the temperatures throughout the day, adapting the level of comfort to the use of the environment with also important energy savings.

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