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Remote control awnings: with lares 4.0 just one click

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When it comes to the smart home, one of the most common functions that allows you to significantly improve the use of the home environment is the remote control of awnings. If we have taken care to motorize the awnings in our home, it will also be possible to control them from your smartphone through a specific app, such as lares 4.0 by Ksenia. Let’s see how to make the most of the potential given by home automation for awnings.

Motorize awnings

The first step is to motorize the awning mechanism. How to motorize an awning? In reality, it is a not to complex operation. Blinds are normally equipped with a crank to be operated manually to open and close them. It will be enough to replace the manual mechanism with a motor to automate an awning, but first we will have to verify that the roller diameter winding length of the awning is at least 70 mm and choose a motor powerful enough to move our awning, since its weight varies according to the number and the projection of the arms. Furthermore, it is necessary to make sure that the electric current reaches the tent, in particular from the side where the motor is to be installed.

Advantages of remote control awnings

We have seen how to automate awnings but the biggest advantages come from the connection to a remote control system, such as  central lares 4.0 by Ksenia Security. The possibility of controlling the opening and closing of the awnings can improve the quality of life in the home, in particular, in terms of comfort. The possibility of controlling the movement of the curtains, while remaining comfortably seated or when we are not at home, can also be given by a simple remote control but, thanks to the use of the remote control through the smartphone.

By connecting the automated awning control system to the Central lares 4.0 by Ksenia it is possible to do them interact with other domestic automatisms, such as gates, shutters or alarm systems.

Control from smartphone with the Ksenia lares 4.0 App

The concept of Home Automation nowadays it is wireless, wireless, accessible, expandable, customizable, intuitive and most of all easy to use. For this reason, a smartphone, like a tablet, replaces the wall touch-screen, so that the access to the system be the same both when you are at home and when you are out. The lares 4.0 app, available for free for iOS and Android operating systems, is the interface that Ksenia Security developed for manage home automation systems, with the aim of offering maximum system control with a user friendly, all aimed at generating comfort, safety and energy savings.

The interface has a dashboards with temperatures and weather forecasts, usable through scrolling navigation. It can be customized by the user through the use of favorites and the choice of background color. The lares 4.0 app is divided into three sections: Security, Home and Smart Home. The third section is the one entirely dedicated to the home automation part: here the user can control all automations divided into categories and have full control of lights, shutters, programmable thermostats, scenarios, and much more.

It is possible to associate the command of the awnings to the various preset scenarios that we can program for the whole system, as well as set the automatic opening or closing with the time programmer.

The application is extremely flexible and allows you to set the display of the page also for rooms; this facilitates programming and detailed viewing of the entire system. In addition, the lares 4.0 app is fully integrated with voice assistants Google Home Amazon Alexa.

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