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Ksenia Security embraces the Global Goals: “Affordable and clean energy”

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Ksenia Security embraces the Global Goals: “Affordable and clean energy”

The energy model of the last centuries, based on the use of fossil fuels, has allowed a great economic and technological progress at the expenses of our planet.

Fossil sources, including coal, gas, and oil, disperse huge quantities of polluting gases into the atmosphere, causing very serious climate and environmental damages.

For this reason, it is now necessary to encourage a greater use of alternative energy models such as renewable sources, aimed at safeguarding our precious planet.

Coming from natural phenomena such as sun, wind, and heat, renewable energies are inexhaustible, highly available and able to produce energy at zero emissions, thus resulting in an excellent sustainable source.

Companies must be on the front line to speed up the implementation of cleaner energy systems in their business contexts, but also each of us can contribute to the cause by reducing energy expenditure in our homes.

If we all move in the same direction, we can leave a better world to our children, our grandchildren, and all the future generations.

What action does Ksenia take?

Ksenia has always embraced the philosophy of using renewable sources for the sustainable development of our planet.

The headquarters, located in the Marche region, is a smart construction with the highest energy class, thus resulting in a low environmental impact structure.

Moreover, it is able to produce renewable energy independently thanks to the photovoltaic system on the roof that, with a power of 45 KW, can guarantee the energy needs of the entire structure.

Additionally, the whole building is made of photocatalytic eco cement, able to absorb carbon dioxide from the outside, transforming it into oxygen.

Our mission is precisely to transmit a culture aimed at avoiding unnecessary waste, favoring sustainable practices with high energy efficiency; from this philosophy, we developed ‘energia’, the Ksenia module that allows an organized and controlled management of energy consumption both for residential and commercial environments. You can thus identify wastes, optimize consumption, and have a house with high energy efficiency!

Choosing Ksenia Security means acting for a better world … keep following us and don’t miss the next article! ☀️

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