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How to choose outdoor sirens for your home

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Outdoor alarm sirens: how they work

An outdoor alarm siren emits an always sharp and recognizable sound, deliberately annoying in order to create agitation and stress in those that are nearby when it activates. The sound power of sirens varies from 80 to 120 dB, loud enough to be heard from a distance, however falling within the limits of the anti-theft sirens legislation. Upon activation, a bright and flashing light system, usually red or orange, which also serve to help locate the source of the emitted noise.

The mere presence of the alarm sirens, which can be seen outside the houses, discourages the bad guys, and for this reason it is an extremely popular product. Installation is also common of sirens for “owl” home burglar alarms: or fake systems, not connected to any sound or lighting systems, applied to the walls with the sole purpose of discouraging intrusions. The most experienced thieves, however, now rarely fall into this deception.

Normally it positions itself an outdoor siren for every home, unless there is an extremely large area to cover, such as large villas or shed. In this case, an arrangement of different devices is studied, in order to obtain a perimeter alarm that guarantees the surveillance of every strategic point.

Nowadays, technological innovations have made it possible to remedy one of the major defects that characterized any wired outdoor siren until a few years ago, namely the very high consumption of electricity. Currently the newer models use LED lights and other low-consumption items, thus favoring the energy saving. For safety, every alarm system has a self-powered outdoor siren which presents an extra battery, which guarantees its operation even in the event of a malicious blackout, or the cutting of electric cables, or random, in the event of a power cut.

Ksenia imago

Imago is a self-powered anti-theft siren from unique and exclusive design, extremely compact and thin, so much so that it reaches only 6 cm at its thickest point. It is a professional horn and light, developed with cutting edge technology, which ensures excellent performance combined with great energy savings.

They are completely outdoor sirens managed by a microcontroller which checks all the conditions of the siren and signals them appropriately. They have a 3W LED flashing light and high efficiency and low consumption auxiliary signaling LEDs. They can be easily combined with any alarm control panel, thanks to the programming of the polarity of the 3 inputs which are used to activate the acoustic and light signals.

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