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Home automation scenarios: for a Smarter Home closer to your habits

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The possibilities they can offer Home automation scenarios for the management of our home are innumerable and can bring great comfort, simplifying our daily routine. But what is meant by home automation scenarios?

Home automation scenarios what are they?

Uno home automation scenario is a system function which allows you to activate, through a single command or impulse, a series of scheduled events in advance, as can be for example: switching lights on and off, automatisms, audio video systems, temperature settings based on established variables and so on.

A home automation scenario can be activated through buttons, sensors, touch-screens, PCs, tablets, mobile phones, voice commands, depending on the needs of the moment or the user’s preferences, and can be activated in response to a specific event or time. established.

Home automation allows us to transform our home into a smart home where everyday life becomes easier, safer and more comfortable. Custom home automation scenarios help control and manage security, doors, shutters, lights, appliances, heating, home theaters and many other electronic devices in the home, so that the time we spend there is optimized and as comfortable as possible.

Through the planned home automation scenarios it is possible to perform a series of scheduled operations that improve the quality of life, taking into account the different needs of the moment, especially based on our habits.

It is possible to communicate with the home system through easy-to-use devices such as smartphones, buttons, remote controls or touch screen keyboards, both in the event that we are present at home but also in the event that we are absent.

Ksenia Security offers the possibility to join the world of Safety and  Home Automation managing them both from a single interface and exploiting the potential of a single control unit: lares 4.0, the brain of the entire system.

With a single click in fact, it is possible to activate any scenario that combines the actions in the area Smart Home with those of Home Security.

With our systems, you no longer have to ask yourself questions like “Will I have turned off the lights in the garden?” “Will I have closed all the shutters?” “Will I have inserted the security system?”.

You will be in constant dialogue with your home, simply telling her what you intend to do.

The scenarios can be performed voluntarily by you or scheduled at set times. In the morning, for example, through the hourly programs, you can set a certain temperature in the bathroom to find the right comfort to enjoy the shower. At the same time, it will come the safety system is disarmed, the shutters, the awnings will open, the breakfast tools will be activated, such as the coffee machine, the toaster or a juicer. Many coffee machine models can already make coffee automatically.

Examples of home automation scenarios

Let’s see some examples of home automation scenarios that can be set up at home, without forgetting that they can be studied and implemented customized solutions for all needs, including elderly and disabled people.

Entrance scenario

Let’s imagine we go home and approach ours proximity key to the reader installed near the doorbell to be recognized. In this way we will perform a scenario called “I come home”. With this simple action, the system will automatically perform a series of preset actions: open the lock on the entrance door, disarm the security system, raise the shutters in succession and turn on the lights (depending on the time of return).

Night scenery

When we go to sleep we can activate it “goodnight” scenario from your smartphone. This can cause shutters that have remained open to close, secure it switching off the lights internal and external, switching on the bedside lamps in the room and switching off the sound system

Once you have entered the perimeter alarm system in night mode, then, the system will notify us that all operations are concluded with a push notification.

A further possibility of management is given by the perfect integration with voice assistants. It will be enough to launch the command with your voice for all the actions set in the scenario to be activated.

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