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Home automation office: smart solutions for the company and employees

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There is a lot of talk about the advantages and comforts of the Smart Home but the installation of building automation systems it can also bring countless advantages in the workplace. Let’s find out what a home automation office and how it can make work easier, reducing expenses and increasing productivity.

Home automation in the office

Today progress makes it possible to achieve a smart office, getting not alone energy saving and cost reduction, but also exploiting the potential of the latest technological innovations, thus creating a modern, comfortable and less stressful working environment. The home automation in offices it is the new frontier to work better and more efficiently, with enormous benefits for both the company and the employees.

La Central lares 4.0, also the ideal solution for home automation in offices developed by Ksenia Security, was designed and built with unprecedented power, calculation speed and memory characteristics. It is possible to monitor all the different functions of the home automation office, from energy saving functions to security and access control, through theWhatsapp lares 4.0, intuitive and easy to use, from smartphone or tablet.

Home automation system in the office

To make a work environment state-of-the-art, various aspects must always be taken into consideration. A home automation office integrates solutions concerning heating, lighting and security, thus becoming a more efficient environment from which to manage all the company’s activities.

An environment where yes work well, profitably and in peace, has a refined furniture, made with quality materials and in accordance with the law, respects the regulations for the psycho-physical well-being of workers and is equipped with automation systems. A technology office undoubtedly makes life easier and work more enjoyable. All this can only have a positive impact on the productivity, concentration and general well-being of those who experience it every day.

Through the smartphone and by accessing the lares 4.0 app, it is possible to keep under control all the systems that meet the different needs within the office: we can activate and remotely control the lighting, heating and air conditioning systems, alarm, video surveillance and various security systems.

In addition to these main functions, it can also help us in responding to those small daily needs that concern the single workstation of each operator such as, for example, turning the lights on and off, adjusting the temperature in the room, safeguarding and protecting data.

We can also decide to regulate and diffuse the music in all the rooms and open space areas, to create a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Energy saving in the office

The first advantage that is recognized in office automation is the energy saving. In fact, home automation systems act on the management of heating and air conditioning, avoiding waste. The lares 4.0 control panel regulates the temperature of each room depending on the time of day, also taking into account external conditions. Thus, the heating comes used to the extent necessary, reducing costs and emissions.

Likewise, thanks to the lighting control of the lares 4.0 control unit, it becomes impossible to forget the lights on in the office, on the days and times when no one is around. Furthermore, the lighting will always be the ideal one in any environment because it is regulated according to certain parameters that can take into account the time, the season or the specific actions to be carried out in that environment.

In addition, a home automation office offers every worker the possibility of adjust the lighting of your workstation, without having to get up from the chair, thus avoiding annoying reflexes and eye fatigue.

If events, videoconferences or meetings are organized in the company, it is possible to request the activation of particular scenographies, or to prepare ad hoc lighting in advance.

Management of spaces and equipment

A home automation office also offers the possibility of keeping the presence of employees in the various departments, or in areas considered sensitive or reserved exclusively for certain users, through the access control system.

Without always having to have cards, keys and various keys available, each employee through theuse of a single badge he can stamp the entrance and exit of the building, open the gate, use the coffee machine or open his personal locker, as well as access particular areas according to his profile.

Office security

Home automation in the office also ensures greater control of the different areas, both during working hours and during closure. Office video surveillance systems can be managed through the lares 4.0 app, controlling each environment in real time and remotely.

The lares 4.0 control panel can activate different types of alarms, depending on the signals it can receive from motion detectors, smoke detectors or sensors connected to doors and windows.

Thanks to these innovative solutions and the choice of the supplier best suited to the needs of use of the company, present on the free market, the savings will be effective.

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