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App lares 4.0: Security section, discover all the functions

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The lares 4.0 App is the tool to communicate with our system of Security and Home Automation, useful for both home and office.

An intuitive and easy to use App is essential to exploit all the possibilities provided by modern Home Automation Systems. Ksenia lares 4.0 responds to this need with an application divided into 3 specific sectors, each of which oversees certain functions.

The first section is the Dashboard, where you can view all the necessary and important information at a glance. The second section shown the Home Automation functions, through which all connected devices can be controlled. Finally, the third section is dedicated to Security and Alarm Systems connected to the control panel.

So let’s see how to exploit the Security section in the lares 4.0 App.

What the Security section in the ksenia lares 4.0 App looks like

At first glance, the section Security in the lares 4.0 App is intuitive and easy to understand. In fact, all the main functions that can be controlled directly from the application are immediately visible.

Specifically, from this section we can control the following functions:

  • check the event log;
  • sensor control;
  • management of plant partitions;
  • camera control;
  • time programming;
  • plant management;
  • management and setting of counters;
  • User Management.

Through the above menu it is therefore possible to go and act directly on the connected devices, as well as having a complete view of everything concerning the security of our home, office or business.

Event Log: Don’t miss anything regarding the Security

Another very useful function in the Security section is that of the event log, very useful in case we have missed something or if we have any suspicions about what happened on our property. This function also allows you to view the images recorded by the control unit when the alarm signal is triggered or when an attempt to sabotage the system occurs.

Sensor Control: understand if everything works perfectly

In the Security section there is also an item dedicated to the sensors that allows you to understand which ones working and which doesn’t work, but which is also useful for reporting any faults and malfunctions to them. Furthermore, thanks to this page of the App, it is possible to directly control the sensors, being able to include or exclude them and inserting them in certain scenarios.

Management of plant partitions: maximum flexibility for Security

In addition, a specific option is available in the Security section that allows you to make system partitions. This type of function is particularly useful because it allows you to exclude certain areas and have an overview of the entire system, to understand which zones are excluded and which are not.

Camera control: monitor the house from a smartphone

One of the main functions of the Security section of the App lares 4.0 concerns the remote control of all video surveillance cameras connected to the control panel. With this function it is possible to view in real time what is happening, by connecting individually with each surveillance camera.

Time Schedule: always know when things happen

This programmer allows you to run certain scenarios in the hours or days we prefer: this can be useful to activate or not the alarm at certain times, with the control unit intelligently able to distinguish between holidays and weekdays. This type of functionality applies not only to the field of security, but can also be used in the field of home automation, thanks to the possibility of programming certain devices such as lights or appliances.

Counters: for commercial activities or to control the office remotely

An extremely interesting function, especially in this period, is that relating to the setting of specific counters, to monitor the flow of people in a given space. Thanks to the App, we can therefore see how many people have passed through a certain gate, to keep track of the entrances in the case of a shop or to know if the maximum capacity has been reached in the case of an office open to the public. Of course, everything is fully customizable, with the possibility of receiving notifications when the pre-set threshold is reached.

User Management: always have under control who is in charge of Security

The user management part allows you to always know who is authorized to make changes or view information relating to Home Security and more. The “master” type users can enable / disable the other users of the system: this is a useful function, for example, in case it is necessary to deactivate a tag because the set of keys has been lost.

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