Your well-being is in good hands!

Your well-being is in good hands!

The arrival of the storks in this Serbian village dates back to March 29th, when they began nesting on a 11 meter tall chimney. 

Bata Vulovic, Lunatronik CEO, has thus decided to turn part of his work into pleasure, giving the opportunity to worldwide viewers to take a close look at the diverse and intimate world of these wonderful birds, live 24/7

In order to record a streaming video, it is suggestible to use a network video recorder, like the Ksenia NVR, capable of capturing images and videos from IP cameras. The images can then be viewed via lares 4.0 Appergo-T and ergo-T plus touchscreen keypads and Ksenia Video App.

From the very beginning, we got very excited about this project and about their constant research of a high level of environmental protection.

The desire for comfort and Security concerns everyone and we all want a Safe Homecapable of offering comfortwellbeing and serenity for us and our families.

The project stirred up a great deal of interest among many communication channels that have enthusiastically advertised the news in their own media.

  • Serbian radio-television RTS 2: are broadcasting the images of the cameras for several minutes on a Sunday event called "All Colors of a Life".
  • The main newspaper and weekly magazine Politika: wrote a long article to talk about the initiative, drawing the attention of their loyal readers.
  • The online portal Business: carried an article talking about the storks and the little kestrel linking the camera live streaming. 
  • The AsAdria portal dedicated a small web cutout with the image of the two majestic storks.
  • Last but not least, even National Geographic engaged and excited their readers by promoting the event at national level.

We would like to thank the Lunatronik team and their CEO, Bata Vulovic for having made it possible and for involving us in this exciting adventure!

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