We value expertise!

We value expertise!

At the present time, Security is top-of-mind for a majority of consumers, and technological developments have consequently given a boost to the market of alarm systems.

There is an increased awareness together with the mass of information available on the Web, helping the end-user to work his way through among the many brands operating in the market.

However, there is also the other side of the coin to take into consideration. 

Seeking information online can raise the false expectation of being able to self-install a Security system.  The workload behind an installation, it is actually the result of research, knowledge, and competencies gained through experience in the field. 

In this respect, Ksenia Security continuously invests in order to provide the best technical training to its Installers, by offering an e-Learning Platform, available at the following link, with video tutorials, tips and tricks on the more technical aspects of the system. Additionally, by taking advantage of the Certification Program, it is possible to assess the level of competencies and improve the professional expertise. The training path includes 4 certification categories: Selected Installer, Certified Silver Installer, Certified Gold Installer, Certified Specialist Installer.

This is one of the many services based on a quality assurance process offered by Ksenia to avoid DIY (“do it yourself”) solutions, according to which anyone can easily install a Security system

It is worth pointing out that the installation of an anti-intrusion system, requires strict but very fair rules and regulations, aimed at increasing quality, durability, and sustainability of the supplied products.

Our home and family safety are priceless.

Here in Ksenia Security, we strive to preserve and protect this value, by offering a high degree of professionalism, products certified according to the highest standards, and providing full support to our partners.

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