Ksenia Security integrates Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Ksenia Security integrates Google Home and Amazon Alexa.
lares 4.0 expands its features providing full integration with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. 

Voice assistants are drastically changing people’s approach to objects and technology, especially with domestic and home automation solutions. Today, thanks to Alexa and Google Home Assistant, users can handle all the smart devices in their home with simple voice commands. Home automation thus becomes a convenient daily global ally, contributing through a perfect user experience, to create a higher connection level with one's home. 

With Ksenia Security Solutions you are sure you are “always connected” also for the safety of your own home, and everything can be done from every device thanks to lares 4.0 APP!

All you have to do is control Ksenia Security and lares 4.0 home automation using your voice!

Stay tuned!

Marketing & Communication Dpt.
Ksenia Security Srl

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