Partnership with ‘Job Detectomat’

Partnership with ‘Job Detectomat’

‘Ksenia Security’ announces Partnership with ‘Job Detectomat’

Nov. 3rd, 2015

Milan (Italy) - Ksenia Security announced today that they entered into a long-term Partnership Agreement with the Company Job Detectomat aiming to integrate - exclusively for the Italian Market - its range of Security & Home/Building Automation with the most advanced Solutions for Fire Detection offered by the German Partner.

Raffaele Di Crosta, Founder and CEO of Ksenia Security declared : “I am very excited about the possibility to finally integrate Security with Safety, in particular Fire Detection and therefore to introduce in Italy both a Wireless and a Wired IP Fire Detection Panel which are very much in sync with our attempt to always offer the best IP Solutions to our Distributors and Installers. At ‘Sicurezza 2015’ we are showing in fact a Residential Wireless – and an High Innovative IP Addressable Solution for High-End Application.”

Mike Bohl, Sales Director of Detectomat said: “The development of the European market is our main target for the next 3 years. Based on this Job Detectomat is proud to go in relation with KSENIA Security as an partner for Italy which represents a big share of the European market. With our fast and reliable Fire Detection Systems combined with a full range of approvals and the best service we will persuade every customer.”

About Ksenia Security

Ksenia Security is a private Italian Security company worldwide recognized for their IP-Security & Home/Building Automation Solutions. (Ksenia introduced the first Italian embedded IP-Control Panel in 2010 and was first also in getting the EN50131 grade 3 Certification). Products of Ksenia, in spite show particular attention to the Design and Eco-Sustainability and its IP Systems are is very well known for handling 10 to 1024 Zones and also 10 to 1024 Outputs. Therefore Residential and Commercial/Industrial Applications can be managed from one single point or from a single App including the possibility to receive Push Notifications via email.

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About JOB Detectomat

Job Detectomat, founded in Germany in 1977, already famous in the seventies for its smoke detectors became in the year 1995 the World Market Leader in the development of self-releasing Sprinklers elements thanks also his enourmous Market success with its Bulbs production . The Company is researching, developing and producing in Germany trendsetting -Vds/EN54 approved – Fire Alarm Systems which are sold in more than 50 Countries.

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