'opera' remote controller: the benefits of the panic button function for people living alone

'opera' remote controller: the benefits of the panic button function for people living alone

opera remote control: main features

Featuring a simple and minimalist design, ‘opera’ is a radio control developed to communicate with the lares 4.0 control panel, in order to activate preset scenarios and provide system’s status information. 

The perfect solution in the era of digitalization and IoT, the lares 4.0 control panel gives the opportunity to manage, the Security (Anti-intrusion, Video Verification and Access Control) and Automation of your home (automatic management of lights, shutters, heating, irrigation system) with one single platform.

The 'opera' technology does not end here: an added value of this remote control lies, in fact, in the panic function.

‘opera’ and its life-saving feature

Nowadays, many people live alone, and this could also have negative implications: this concerns notably elderly people and people forced into self-isolation due to pandemic restrictions. 

In such situations, it’s important to ask for help in a timely manner in the event of accidents or illnesses, even though it is not always possible. This is why Ksenia developed and integrated the panic function to ‘opera’ remote controller. 

By pushing and holding down any button, it will be possible to activate the panic function from the remote control and contact relatives, acquaintances and law enforcement.

This function can play a vital role for all those people who, in case of illness, do not have someone near to ask for help, proving to be a life-saving feature.
‘opera' and its ergonomic shape, guarantees an excellent grip even for the weakest hands, it is pocket sized and can also be used as a keyring thanks to its strap.

Once again, technology, user-friendliness and functionality come together to offer a high-quality product for the Security and the Automation of your home.

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