Multi-function sensor domus by Ksenia Security

Multi-function sensor domus by Ksenia Security

Dear Partner,

Ksenia sensors family expands itself with a new device called domus.

domus is an in-wall multi-function sensor, as the Proximity Reader called ‘volo-in’, takes advantage from the Keystone Opening (same size for all switches plaques), to realize a new Device which permits, for every room, to have at the same time a Motion Detector, a Temperature and Humidity Sensor and a Lux Sensor.
Useful Device in any Domotic Environment, it allows in combination with the Module auxi-L, to switch-on and off any Light according to the inside Luminosity only when someone is inside that room (Energy Saving).
It’s equipped with a Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor (produced by the world leader Sensirion) able to allow the management of an Air Conditioning or a Dehumidifier in order to obtain the desired level of Confort.
It becomes very useful for any office environment or for example necessary in Museums for the proper Conservation of Art-Masterpieces.

domus is to be connected to lares 4.0 by means of the 4 wires Serial KS-BUS

The new multi-function sensor is ready today to be ordered and delivered.
domus is available at the List Price of € 139,00 – P/N KSI2700000.300


Marketing & Communication Dpt.
Ksenia Security Srl

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