Massimo Ceresoli for Ksenia Security: read the interview

Massimo Ceresoli for Ksenia Security: read the interview

We interviewed Massimo Ceresoli, manager of an important and innovative international company.

It has been a pleasure interviewing Massimo, a long-time customer. A person of substance, technology and innovation enthusiast as much as us and great expert of Ksenia solutions. 

Massimo installed a Security and Home Automation system for his house, using our devices on a daily basis.

For this reason, other than just getting his feedback, we would also like to receive suggestions and ideas for improvement.

Below his interview.


Ksenia: What kind of system have you installed?

Massimo: Today a lares 4.0 644 wls

Ksenia: Who is your Ksenia Installer?

Massimo: Giancarlo Mastrorilli (Sy-Tech)

Ksenia: Tell us about the transition from traditional lares to lares 4.0. What benefits have you found?

Massimo: I chose the lares 128 because it offered communication and remote control of the system. I switched to lares 4.0 because I needed a more advanced solution (e.g. BUS limits) and open to new needs, such as home automation, load control, thermoregulation, generator management and storage batteries and additionally, access to voice assistants (Alexa).

Ksenia: How did you manage to involve your family and teach them how to control the Ksenia system in a simple way?

Massimo: My family members are mainly using the RFDI key and the remote control to interact with the control panel. The automatisms work for them, thus being able to see in real time that the scenarios are executed automatically. Now they are also interacting via Alexa and Tablet with simplified interfaces.

Ksenia: what are your expectations for the future?

Massimo: the importance of ensuring backward compatibility is essential to protect the investment. I would expect an evolution including the possibility to 2 lares 4.0 control panels in a continuous backup; a new Web Server structured for both, expert users and families (with an user-friendly, intuitive and fully touch interface); an enhancement on the event management with the possibility to link a new event to the previous one (e.g. if a specific condition happens 30 seconds before the scenario activation, run this event accordingly),  management of the conditions AND/OR, IF NOT THEN and of the holding down duration of the command button (by holding it for a short, medium or long time). Too many steps are required to perform these commands at the moment.

In the future, I would expect even more integration with home automation and IoT devices.

More specifically:

  • Management of third-party automation’s events (IFTTT integration) such as, robotic management, irrigation or other conditions guided by external components (e.g., provides IFTTT);
  • Automation management with or without IP by using commands on the auxi or a virtual Output (for Alexa). For example, network presence detector, functionality of a device or absence of a device, as in the case in which all telephones are absent for more than 10 minutes and the system is switched off. In this circumstance, you should receive a "system off" warning email.

Compatibility with external devices, should also include an integration with the intercom functionalities, with the possibility to manage scenarios, such as total or partial disarming with a countdown (eg courier delivery).


Many thanks for your time and kindness, Massimo!

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