APP LaresMobile

APP LaresMobile

Ksenia Security, presents The new APP laresMobile for lares IP Security panels, this APP is available for iOS both on Android platform, It is an alternative to web server interface.

With LaresMobile application you will be able to manage your Ksenia Security systems straight    from your mobile device.

 With an extremely easy to use interface it will be possible to:

- Monitor and manage your Security System (arm / disarm partitions, exclude zones, ...)

- View the Event log

- Check any camera in live mode

- Simulate your presence using lights, roller blinds, automatic gates...

- Activate Home Automations (heating, lighting, irrigation...)

- Enable and disable users' tags, keycodes, remotes, and remotes

PLEASE NOTE: entering on the “SETTINGS” menu (present on the lower left part of the app) it is possible to select an option that display the status information using icons instead of different color, so also people visually impaired or colorblind can easily use the app.

Wherever you are, welcome to the new dimensione of security!

The application is currently available in English, Italian, French, Czech, Dutch and Swedish.

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