Ksenia Security offers the automatic backup service for free!

Ksenia Security offers the automatic backup service for free!

What does this service consist of?

The Automatic Backup is an online service offered by Ksenia Security. It's important because activating it, nothing will be lost and everything can be recovered with just one click!

The service consists in the execution of automatic copies of the system configuration data (including images of rooms/maps) with the possibility of restoring them, if necessary.

The maximum number of automatic savings is 3 for each system, when this number is exceeded, the overwriting of copies begins, starting with the oldest one. It is possible to prevent, and therefore preserve from overwriting, a maximum of 2 copies that can be saved by adding a description to identify them; however, 1 copy will always remain overwritable.

After the first activation, the automatic backup is always active and transparent to the installer, both in case of local connection and from Ksenia Secureweb; while the Backup page that allows you to view the backups, enter a description to block them and restore the configuration, is visible only by launching Installer from Ksenia SecureWeb.

How the service works?

When the installer logs out, and no other installer login is active, a 5-minutes timer starts, after which the backup file is created (locally on the control panel). If the installer logs in again before the timer expires, this will be stopped and the backup will be cancelled. The timer starts again when the installer logs out.

In a completely transparent way to the installer, the backup file with all the configuration data and images of the rooms/maps is saved locally (file name: "filename".ksa) and then uploaded to the cloud. In case of unavailability of the connection, the control panel carries out all the necessary attempts until the upload takes place.

The backup can be restored both on the same control panel and on different control panels. For more information on the correct procedure to be implemented click here.


Free trial Backup service offered until 30.06.2021

When the free trial expires, if you decide to renew it, you will be offered many subscription plans to match your needs.

It is worth pointing out that all the other SecureWeb services existing today, lares 4.0 and Ksenia PRO Apps will continue to be FREE.


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