Ksenia Design for Certification: IMQ and INCERT certifications achieved

Ksenia Design for Certification: IMQ and INCERT certifications achieved

we are proud to inform you that Ksenia Security successfully obtained the IMQ and INCERT Certifications of the whole lares 4.0 family and the devices connected to it.

It can be hard to realize what is behind a certification mark. You should know that a simple label actually hides an important work: the product has been developed with a view to the "Design for Certification"; has passed through tests in an accredited laboratory; meets the requirements expressed in rules made by hundreds and hundreds of pages; the manufacturing company takes care of all processes so that not only a single prototype complies with the rule, but also that even the series production guarantees the compliance with the requirements on 100% of products by carrying out tests on each product; the notification body, which releases the trademark, carries out surprise inspections with maximum annual frequency, in which all the standards are verified and products are taken from the warehouse in order to verify again the compliance with the requirements. 

All this is a real guarantee of Quality.

Specifically, please find below the products certified by IMQ (EN 50131 grade 3) and INCERT (T031):

  • Control Panels lares 4.0 - 16 and lares 4.0 - 40
  • Control Panels lares 4.0 - 40 wls , lares 4.0 - 140 wls and lares 4.0 - 644 wls
  • Control Panel lares 4.0 wls 96
  • 3G, GSM/GPRS and PSTN communicators for lares 4.0
  • volo-in proximity reader

All certificates listed above and those already in place are available on our website at the following link , selecting the folder you are interested in.

See you on the next certification!
Luigi Ferri

Quality Manager

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