Irrigation feature: take care of the lawn with 'lares 4.0' and Ksenia home automation

Irrigation feature: take care of the lawn with 'lares 4.0' and Ksenia home automation

During the summer, with high temperatures, providing your garden with the right amount of water is essential, but it is not always possible to carry out this task manually and on a daily basis.

Many solutions have been designed to avoid neglecting the lawn, allowing automatic irrigation; Ksenia offers this benefit with the 'lares 4.0' control panel.

Irrigation: the integrated 'lares 4.0' home automations

'lares 4.0' is the perfect solution for smart home management: this control panel is fully packed with Security and Home Automation features, to offer the highest level of reliability for Anti-intrusion, Video Verification, Access Control and home automation management to the end user.

The irrigation feature is also part of the Home Automation technologies developed by Ksenia Security.

Once the irrigation system is set up, it will be possible to associate a scenario to activate and deactivate the sprinklers autonomously, which may be based on external conditions.

Additionally, it is possible to program the sprinkle switching on and off, thus avoiding unnecessary waste of water. This contributes to reduce carbon footprint and save resources, consistent with Ksenia eco-sustainability value. 

Setting and management of the Irrigation features

The Irrigation can be configured by Ksenia certified Installers and can be managed independently by the user. It is possible to access the irrigation scenarios from 'ergo-T' or 'ergo-T plus' keyboards, or directly from the 'lares 4.0' App.

It is possible to program the irrigation during the configuration and customize a multitude of routines thanking advantage of the automation features offered by Ksenia, the settings can be edited and customized at any time.

Among many benefits the system offers the opportunity to set daily or weekly routines for switching the irrigation system on and off, including a sunrise / sunset schedule where the values are calculated according to the geographic position (latitude and longitude configured) and the time zone where the lares 4.0 control panel is installed. 

In this way, it will be possible to select “sunset” to start lawn irrigation or turning on the outdoor lights, for example, without specifying a time; it will be the control panel that will run the scenario at sunset for that period of the year in that specific time zone. 

Furthermore, 'lares 4.0' is able to distinguish weekdays from holidays, giving the user the possibility to exclude one of the sections. So, those who love gardening and enjoy outdoor activities, can irrigate their lawn independently during the weekend or holidays.

Irrigation function: useful for home use and beyond

The ability to start the irrigation system automatically is a convenience, both in the home and in the public environment. Private, residential apartments or corporate green spaces, parks or public gardens, tourist attractions, resorts etc...

So, no matter how big your garden is, the Irrigation feature of Ksenia Security will help you take care of it!

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