auxi-L expansion module by Ksenia

auxi-L expansion module by Ksenia

Dear Partner,

We remind you that auxi-L module, shown as a preview in the last edition of Sicurezza Milano, is now available at your Ksenia Security Distributor.

auxi-L is an Expansion Module with 5 Relays outputs operating at 250V-8A (10A peak), with 1 common Terminal, ideal for Light Management and for disconnecting Appliances.
As all the other Expansion Modules of Ksenia Security, it’s having very compact dimensions (only 70x45mm) enabling room savings, it can be installed either inside the DIN-503 Boxes and on DIN guide reducing dramatically the installation time.
auxi-L is to be connected to the lares Panel and lares 4.0 by means of the 4 wires Serial KS-BUS

You can order auxi-L with the following P/N code:
Order code KSI2300004.300 - price list € 139,00

We are sure that you will appreciate this information!

Stay tuned!

Ksenia Security Srl
Marketing & Communication Dpt

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