Environmental Responsibility: Ksenia Security efforts for a sustainable business model.

Environmental Responsibility: Ksenia Security efforts for a sustainable business model.

Just a few years ago, only one company out of ten used to pay particular attention to matters of environmental compatibility and sustainability. Today many of them have at least one sustainability certification. It is widespread the awareness that the Green Economy can assume a key role in the industrial context.

In fact, turning towards a sustainable organizational structure has now become a priority for most international companies that have stopped considering environmental responsibility as a cost, but rather as a strategic resource.

Setting up a business based on a "green" model means committing to protect and respect the environment every day. A business strategy of this type must involve every aspect of the business: employees, production processes, logistics, procurement, sales and stakeholders.

But that’s not all.

The environmental impact needs to be carefully considered and formed according to the following aspects: energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and volume of recycled waste.

The Business Strategy of Ksenia Security

Ksenia Security has always paid special attention to environmental sustainability, combining technological innovation with an eco-friendly attitude. The headquarters, located in the Marche region, province of Ascoli Piceno, represents a low environmental impact reality that, thanks to the solar power system installed on the roof, generates renewable energy independently, contributing to ensure a sustainable development.

This working philosophy has an impact on various aspects such as, for example, the cooperation with suppliers that have to be local in order to shorten the supply chain. Ksenia Security's short-term goal is to increase local purchases from about 20% to 30%, with significant benefits in terms of additional reduced emissions of CO2.

Today, the sustainable development of corporates is coming under ever closer scrutiny from their clients, therefore, choosing flexible and efficient energy systems, by offering innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, significantly improves the company's reputation in the eyes of the customer. 

This is confirmed by a recent survey, according to which 66% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for a sustainable brand

In line with the trend and spread of a more conscious approach, Ksenia Security pays particular attention to the choice of materials for printed circuits that must be halogen and chromium-free; suppliers and partners who must respect and share corporate ethical principles.

Further attention is paid to the selection of materials for packaging production, and actually Ksenia packaging mainly comes from recycled fibers.

Therefore, the company's goal is to create a product that is giving the user the opportunity to manage the comfort parameters according to personal needs, ensuring a low environmental impact system for their home. This is possible thanks to a constant monitoring of the data plant, with a consequent reduction in costs.

Ksenia systems allows the users to increase their awareness on environmental matters, prompting them to understand how much their daily routines can affect the ecosystem.

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