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Distributors Meeting Italy: thanks to all our Distributors!

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On Thursday, October 13, 2022 was held the first Distributors Meeting Italy of Ksenia Security at the Hotel Savoia Regency in Bologna … and turned out to be a real success!

We arranged a special event totally dedicated to our Distributors, rich in sharing of ideas and important news about next year’s Ksenia innovations.

The amazing day began with the Managing Director and President of Ksenia Security Raffaele Di Crosta, who thanked the guests for their presence and for the extraordinary goals reached over the years.

The meeting was attended by several speakers, who were able to catch the guests with clear and accurate interventions, discussing about several issues related to the Ksenia’s future.

The Sales Director Italy Daniele Ragusa carefully examined the performance of Ksenia in the Italian market, setting specific targets for the coming years.

Next, our Technical Training & Support Manager as well as presenter of the event Claudio Laneve validated the high quality and efficiency of the Training and Technical Assistance services with concrete and amazing data.

Our Sales & Marketing Director Giorgio Finaurini later analyzed the new strategies to improve the positioning of the brand on the market and set clear goals for the future of Ksenia Distribution.

Our Operations & Quality Manager Luigi Ferri discussed about the current situation relating to the supplying and has moreover introduced our efficient logistic system.

The new updates of Ksenia were introduced by Research & Development Manager Alfredo Montini, who revealed important news about the features within SecureWeb and the release of new products and integrations.

Finally, the Marketing & Communication Manager Daniela Dimasi analyzed the current activities of brand promotion and future marketing actions reserved for Ksenia Partners.

During the day we had the pleasure to welcome the Paralympic champion and Ksenia testimonial Martina Caironi, who made a speech on the importance of having competitors as a stimulus to improve and overcome our limits, and the founder of the marketing agency L’Ippogrifo Andrea Zucca, who highlighted the need for marketing within companies to increase profits, giving interesting and valuable advice.

We would like to thank all those who attended the Distributors Meeting: it was a wonderful day and a great opportunity to strengthen that synergy that allowed us to achieve great things and that will bring us many other future successes to share together!

Thank you! ❤️

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