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The new era of virtual fairs: what are the advantages?

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The new era of virtual fairs: what are the advantages? 

Trade fairs have always been a great opportunity to strengthen corporate identities, build new business relations and stay up to date on the latest trends and innovations. The Covid epidemic has significantly overturned the traditional way of doing business: social restrictions have limited face-to-face contacts with potential customers as well as the ability to participate in physical exhibitions. This completely new and uncertain scenario has paved the way to a new growth method, suitable for any type of business: the world of virtual trade events.

What is a digital fair?

A digital fair is an event entirely hosted on the Web: virtual spaces are switched with physical stands, interactions via chat or videocall take the place of face-to face relations. Moreover, the users can immediately visit the stands, websites, and social media of the companies, as well as access a lot of extra content to learn more about the products and services offered.

Virtual trade events are no longer a temporary alternative, but a great opportunity for the future of small and medium- sized enterprises to meet potential customers from all over the world.
Let’s discover together some advantages for the visitor:

– More flexibility and no geographical limits. Just a few clicks are enough to access the virtual event regardless of the geographical distance, thus offering more opportunities to participate in the exhibition, at any time of the day.

– Rapid access to the virtual space and information. Users can enjoy the moment without waiting for their turn for a long time. Moreover, they can instantly download extra informational content, satisfying their curiosities about the company.

– The beauty of technology. Thanks to the high technology of digital platforms, visitors will be fascinated by the creativity of the virtual stands… they will thus enjoy a new and different interactive experience.


Ksenia Security, in collaboration with Ethos Media Group, will participate in the innovative Virtual Fair on Security and Home & Building Automation with an unmissable stand! Are you curious? We’ll be back soon with important updates!


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