Ksenia and Control4

Ksenia and Control4

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Sometime, surfing web pages just for leisure, without necessarily look for something specific, we can find news that make us aware that some choices, made months ago about investments or other activities, gave their fruits.

The integration between Apple and Control4, the famous  Home Automation brand born in USA, is now reality. This means that it is possible to download from Apple Store the App to manage Control 4 devices via Apple Watch. 
Ksenia Security is proud to remind you that, since July 2015 when it was released for the first time, you can download the Control 4 Integration driver from our Website for free. Our policy, indeed, is to be market leader, having seen the need of this Integrations years ago.
Therefore, this Integration makes you able to drive also Ksenia Security Systems by your Apple Watch.

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