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opera wls

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Remote Control opera

opera: it is a remote control with a revolutionary design, both ergonomic and minimalist.

It’s equipped with a circular scroll which reminds the one of the ergo Keypad and enables the activation of 4 bottoms identified by a simple and functional graphic; they are protected from undesired pressures thanks to the concavity shape and on each of their vertical virtual lines they refer to a red LED. The lateral concavities guarantee a precise holding while the scroll position deliberately positioned towards the upper part of the front to enable an easy use with no need of bending the thumb.

Thanks to the bi-directional communication, opera is not limited to the possibility to activate up to 7 different scenarios, but also to deliver in any moment the system status (arm, away and stay) visualized by one of the 3 LEDs positioned on the upper part. The activation of any scenario is confirmed both visually (through the relevant LED) and by means of a vibra-motor device.

The panic function could be also activated by a prolonged pressing of each of the 4 bottoms (or 7 Functions).

The implementation of a complex encryption algorithm guarantees a superior Security level and contemporary allows the utilization of the same remote control’s device even with different installations (e.g. main residence and sea cottage).

opera is available in the 4 Ksenia institutional colors, i.e. White, Red, Grey and Black.

The most advanced Wireless Technology adopted by this device is fully Bi-Directional (each Peripheral works therefore as a Transceiver enabling each transmission to receive an Acknowledgment back, allowing a significant battery saving and assuring a superior reliability versus the classic mono-directional systems) and utilizes the frequency band at 868 MHz (FSK Technology).

A sophisticated control of the Transmission Power (DPMS – Dynamic Power Management System) allows to reduce interferences, maximize the battery duration according to the distance among the different devices and the type of installation. The maximum Protection of the entire system is guaranteed by means of a proprietary encryption of each Communication Packet.

All wireless devices have a unique serial number which is being automatically acquired by the system during the installation phase; both the basis programming software and the ergo Keypad indicate in real time the signal level of each device and communication path in the case that more BUS Transceivers or Repeaters are present in the same architecture.

Why opera?

  • because it includes the most advanced Wireless Technology, 868 MHz, completely bi-directional, professional and reliable.
  • because it integrates the DPMS Technology (Dynamic Power Management System) which allows less interferences and extends the battery life.
  • because in case of MULTI-RECEIVER system it is able to automatically choose the best radio path.
  • because the communication is completely encrypted by proprietary algorithm.
  • because in real time it allows to visualize the system status (after the corfirm reception) by visual signalation (three red LEDs).
  • because it is the only remote control with four bivalent function keys (extended pressure for other scenarios attivation).
  • because it has a revolutionary design which remember the keypads circular scroll.
  • because it has extremely small size
  • because it is the only one equipped of vibramotor for received command tactile confirmation
  • because it is available in four colors: White, Grey, Black and Red
  • because it is provided with the alternative numeric Keypad, easily interchangeable and usefull to use opera in domotic purposes

opera wireless black

Technical data

  • Power: 1 Lithium Battery Type CR2032A included (up to 6 years max. duration time)
  • Operational Frequency: 868 MHz Band
  • Operation Range (open-air): up to 400 m
  • Operative Temperature Range: from -5°C to +40°C
  • Overall Dimensions: 30 x 58 x 15 mm 
  • Vibration: adjustable duration and switch-off option for energy saving purposes


  • Europe - RoHS, CE
  • EN50131 Grade 2 - Class II
  • T014A:2013

Parts included

  • 1 opera remote control
  • 1 CR-2032 battery
  • 1 Lanyard
  • 1 User Guide IT / EN / FR

How to order

  • KSI7700000.001 - White opera control
  • KSI7700000.002 - Black opera control
  • KSI7700000.003 - Grey opera control
  • KSI7700000.008 - Red opera control


• KSI7203002.000 - Button battery CR2032 (200 pcs per pack)

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