• Display of System status
  • Display of operating parameters (date / time, GSM network active level GSM, etc.)
  • System Commands (complete or partial arming, reset, activa tion of output terminals, telephone calls, etc.)
  • Full Programming of System Parameters / Central
  • Programming local parameters (audio volume, backlight level and LCD contrast)
  • keyboard functionality Exclusion for front cleaning purposes
  • Remote Listening
  • Voice messages recording
  • RFID/NFC Tag reading to arm, and disarm and manage lares devices.

NOTE: the Hardware includes a NFC Ready transceiver: You may need to use a dedicated application. (NOT INCLUDED)

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a technology which delivers wireless connectivity (RF) bi-directionally and short-range (to a max. of 10 cm). It has been jointly developed by Philips and Sony.

This NFC technology can be considered an evolution of the contactless RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and similar technologies. NFC, contrary to other RFID devices, allows a bidirectional communication: when two NFC devices (Initiator and Target) are within a 4-8 cm radium, a peer-to-peer network is created and both can send and receive information. NFC works at a 13,56 MHz frequency and can reach a max. transmission speed of 424 Kbit/s.

 Main features

  • Wide Dot matrix LCD display (viewing area 79 x 19 mm)
  • Keys in Capsense Technology (no mechanical press-buttons)
  • Circular Scroll/fast access to the menu
  • Available in The Ksenia colors black, white
  • Proximity reader RFID / NFC
  • Integrated Microphone and Speaker
  • Remote listening function
  • Accurate Temperature sensor
  • Adjusting backlight and contrast
  • Fast Addressing System: no need to pre-set the device address (automatic recongnition from the control pannel / GSM communicator)
  • Master programming for gemino and duo UNIVERSAL


  • Europe - CE, RoHS
  • EN50131 grade 3 - class II
  • T031:2014

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